Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My KMHD Playlist from Last Saturday Night 1/24/09

10:00 Wayne Horvitz/ Duke/ Monologue
10:02 Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock/ Jack Dejohnette/ Shaw 'Nuff/ Yesterdays/ premiere
10:07 Enrico Rava/ Thank You, Come Again/ New York Days/ premiere
10:14 Ben Darwish Trio/ Out Comes Grim/ Ode To Consumerism
10:24 The Cooltrane Quartet/ Like a Virgin/ Jazz and 80s
10:27 John Hassell/ Light On Water/Last night the moon came dropping its clothes in/ premiere
10:38 Bill Frisell/ Probability Cloud/ History Mystery
10:43 Marco Benevento/ Seems So Long Ago Nancy/ Me Not Me
10:47 John McLaughlin & Jon Surman/ Hope/ When Fortune Smiles
10:54 Milt Buckner/ Pick Yourself Up/ Milt Plays Chords

11:01 David "Fathead" Newman/ Keep the Spirits Singing/ same
11:07 Herbie Hancock/ River/ same/ Luciana Souza
11:12 Reptet/ Fish Market/ Chicken or Beef?
11:20 Pete Krebs Trio/ Katyn/ Pete Krebs Trio
11:27 Bobby Hutcherson/ Ummh/ Home Cookin'
11:34 Medesky Martin and Wood/ Queen Bee/ Best of Blue Note
11:39 Conjure/ Medley: General Science/Ish/Papa La Bas/ Cab Calloway Stands In for the Moon
11:44 David Byrne/Brian Eno/ Mea Culpa/ My Life In the Bush of Ghosts
11:48 Captain Beefheart/ Hot Head/ Doc at the Radar Station
11:51 R. Crumb and his Cheap Suit Sereneders/ My Gal Sal/ Singing in the Bathtub
11:54 Rolley Polley/ Blue Rhumba/ Cocktail Mix Vol. 1

12:02 Tom Waits/ The Piano Has Been Drinking/ Small Change
12:06 Tabby Thomas/ Hoodoo Party/ Louisiana Swamp Blues
12:08 Andre Williams/ Jail Bait/ Greasy
12:13 Five Duo-Tones/ (Bend Over Let Me See You) Shake a Tail Feather/ Savage Kick 4
12:15 Ray Brown/ Saturday Night/ Best of
12:17 Frankie Ford/ Alimony/ Ooo-Wee-Baby
12:19 The Meters/ Good Old Funky Music/ Fundamentally Funky
12:24 Jimmy Castor Bunch/ Bertha Butt Boogie/ Butt of Course
12:30 Ike and Tina Turner/ What You See Is What You Get/ Nuff Said
12:35 Gap Band/ Oops Up Side Your Head/ Essentially Funky
12:39 Papa Grows Funk/ Doin' It/ same
12:48 Commodores/ I Feel Sanctified/ Essentially Funky
12:50 Bar-Kays/ Soul Finger/ Soul Instrumentals
12:52 George Clinton/ Flash Light (Groovemaster's Mix)/ Essentially Funky

1:00 TLC/ Creep/ Best of
1:06 Gnarls Barkely/ Crazy/ St. Elsewhere
1:09 Young MC/ Busta Move/ Raps Greatest Hits Vol. 2
1:13 MC Hammer/ Can't Touch This/ Platium
1:17 Amadou& Miriam/ I Follow You/ Welcome to Mali
1:22 Gil Scott-Heron/ Work for Peace/ Spirits
1:28 Gianlugi Trovesi et al/ Profuma De Violetta/ same
1:30 Sam Cooke/ You Got To Move/ Night Beat
1:35 Al Green (feat Corinne Bailey Rae/ Take Your Time/ Lay It Down
1:40 Major Harris/ Love Won't Let Me Wait/ My Way
1:43 Stylistics/ You Are Everything/ Stylistics
1:48 Staples Singers/ Pops' Instrumental/ Soul Folk In Action
1:50 Clifton Chenier and his Red Hot Band/ Mardi Gras Zydeco/ Live at Grant St.
1:54 Vivian Stanshall/ Gasp, Rasp, Yelp Bellow, etc/ Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead

Monday, January 26, 2009

No Mo Jazz at the Benson, Bob Hope Turns In His Grave, Andre Williams Preaches to Sam Adams

While listening to a Don Cherry/Krysztof Penderecki album called Actions and wondering when David Ornette Cherry is coming back from his long tour and will perform at Goodfoot again….

As the mood was lifting for all of us last week, as we watched President Barack Obama take office and Bush go away, the hard facts of making a living playing music, writing or doing anything creative kept smacking us in the face.

In a Facebook exchange, bassist Dennis Caizza, one of the most comfortable and friendly guys you'd ever want to sit and talk with, and a fine bass player, put this up:

Unfortunately for us all, the Benson Hotel, after 40 years of live jazz, has cut all musicians from their budget. They gave us one day notice which means the last day is (was) this Saturday, January 24th.

It's been my fortune and honor to work with the great musicians who were in-house on Friday nights, Neil Masson, Lee Wuthernow and Jed Wilson; also Tuesdays once a month with Bill Beach.

Actually the Benson by contract was supposed to give us a month's notice before dismissal, but I guess decided to not bother. Funny, they would of made some dough for the jazz festival and if they let all know it was their last chance to boogie…

Blues player Russ Finley commented,

In just the last couple months Halibuts, Tupelo Joes, Steamers, The CI have all either ceased having music or closed altogether. Probably not all due to the smoking ban necessarily but a real eye opener for us musicians and music listeners. Aaaaaaaaaaaaccckkkkkk. There may be more I'm forgetting or don't know about as well!

I'm about to cut a CD (and get a new demo off of it) so I can start trying to get gigs again and I'm seriously wondering why I am bothering? It's kinda grim.

Greg Johnson, President of the Cascade Blues Association and maybe the most knowledgeable guy in town on the blues scene, also commented:

Halibuts only went on a hiatus with music because of the economy. Dave has booked a handful of acts for February and has intentions of more in the future. The CI, Steamers and Tupelo Joe's never took the time to report their acts to the BluesNotes. The only time they did have a listing was if the act themselves reported it. Plus Tupelo Joe's owner was not the easiest person to work with and left a bad taste with many

The situation regarding venues closing is not just specific to Portland, it is happening everywhere. Portland still offers a lot more blues than you'll find in most cities. Places close, others open. It's an on-going cycle. Lefty's in Salem will become Roxxy and will offer blues, though not exclusively. The Coyote Bar & Grill in Hillsboro is having blues acts on occasion and a handful of smaller places as well. They're out there, they just need to be discovered.

And a few days before that, a friend of mine (well, I consider him my friend) wrote me about the upcoming pay-in day saying:

I don't want to get into how lame it is that Portland has just now realizing that Music Millennium is on its way out, that NW 24th store was an ice age ago. One day ain't gonna do it. Tell your readers to go to Obama's web site, Moveon.org etc, and appeal for some bail out money. MM is a cultural icon and Terry does more for the music community here than anybody I see out there. Or why don't you start a web site to raise money to keep it in business. Obama showed us all what $5 donations can do. Just an outsider lookin in.

The economy is making artists of us all…when we find out (or rediscover) what it's like to do what we do for its own sake. Having said that, it is very discouraging, but somewhat less discouraging than it was before last Tuesday.

Speaking of which, how about one last musical farewell to the chimp?

Tanks In My Memory

This could be something special. Thursday night at The Goodfoot a new "improv quartet" Go Anywhere will be hitting the ground running for a fun, funky, and virtuoso night of flamboyant show-off-ery. The extra-ultra-mega Damien Erskine will be on bass, Asher Fulero on keys, Chris Mosely on guitar and Russ Kleiner on drums. EO-staple painter Lang Schwartzwald and his friend Aubrey Jangraw will be collaborating on live improvised art during the show.

Also, you will be sorry if you miss Wayne Horvitz' Sweeter Than the Day band at The Goodfoot on Saturday, January 31.

Here's a note from the road from guitarist Dan Balmer to me:

Wanted to let you know; on my world tour with Diane Schuur (13 countries, so I hope that counts), I've finally written a lot of new music which I've been rehearsing and will present tonight at Jimmy Maks, and hope to be working it into my gigs on future Mondays.

I attended the noon rally in support of Sam Adams last Friday. I wasn't asked to speak (sniff), but if I had I would have said that until or unless it is proven that Sam messed around with Mr. Breedlove before 12am on his 18th birthday, it is not a crime to think with your dick. Nor is it a crime to lie during a campaign. Should every politician who has ever lied during a campaign be held to the same standard that some are putting on Sam, there would be 95% unemployment in elective offices in the United States. Come back to work, Sam!

The most telling argument was posited by Thomas Lauderdale who read an editorial from the Oregonian concerning Bill Clinton. It pointed out that despite all of Clinton's transgressions, he should not resign. End of argument…..except to suggest to those who may be similarly infatuated that they should watch this video of Andre Williams singing his immortal song, Jail Bait….with a truncated ending...he has recorded a much longer and shocking end to that song but this'll do.

DO NOT MISS the Andre Williams documentary Agile, Mobile and Hostile: A Year with Andre Williams on Saturday night at the Northwest Filom Center's Reel Music Festival.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama and Sun Ra (the Connection), JR at the Dry Cleaners, Puked on at Someday

While listening to some singles done by Sun Ra when he was in Chicago…and thinking about what Deval Patrick, the Governor of Massachusetts (and buddy to President Obama) brought with him to his office, having been the son of saxophonist Pat Patrick, a life-long member of Ra's band….

Yeah, think about that one.

After staying up all Monday night, watching the inauguration all day, I didn't have much left to party with but I went to one at the "dry cleaners" at the Ace Hotel where I found March Fourth at the end of a set playing one of my favorite March Fourth tunes. Didn't get a chance to talk to any of them but waved a lot.

JR Pella took over as DJ. I was hoping he would be singing. I always hope he is singing. He should never stop.

Pretty good day, huh?

I know nothing about Sonny Smith or the Evolutionary Jass Band, but if you haven't been to Disjecta's latest space, Friday might be a good time to discover all three. They say Smith…

is like a reincarnation of the old musical apparition called a troubadour. His songs are radically straightforward yet endlessly lyrical and poetic. He captures the movements and intonations of his surroundings like a playwright (and he is) daring the audience to see themselves in the show. And it's all still brilliantly melodic.

He'll be in residence for a few days to record songs for a new album, too.

Composer/pianist….he plays a lot of other instruments too…Andrew Oliver is playing an interesting gig. He writes:

Saturday, Jan. 25, Sarah Phillips, a great improviser and ianist (who plays with me in Sound for the Organization of Society) will be in town from Los Angeles. We'll be playing with Tom Garcia (another recent Portland transplant!) on saxophones, Chris Mosley on guitar, and Jonathan Sielaff on clarinets at the Tugboat (711 SW Ankeny) from 9-12. The music will feature Sarah's compositions and improvisational frameworks as well as some free improvisation for the stylistically open minded among you. Also no cover for this

Rachel Taylor Brown has finished recording a new album called Susan Storm's Ugly Sister & Other Saints & Superheroes.. She says, I think--I hope--it's interesting, and also fun! Even though it's about vengeance and killing, it is also about love!

But Rachel, is it about Susan Storm Large? I mean, those are her first two names? And how soon do I have to wait to play it on the radio? Huh? Her Trio Aorta is playing the Press Club on Saturday. The other two of three are Ben Landsverk and Chris Robley. It's free. I'll be on the radio, missing it as usual.

She'll show up with Ben and Chris at Doug Fir the next night with Roxy Consort and members of the Portland Cello Project for a fascinating classical/folk/pop crossover show, "Cellos & Choirs, she says.

I'd make this longer, but I have two deadlines and it's already 10:30 at night.

I'll have stuff to tell you about Ed Forman next time…..well maybe a time after that, after the story runs in the O.

BTW…..Oracle with Keith Schreiner turned Keith Schreiner
Someday into a winter oasis last night. The crowd was dreary and some young drunk puked nearly on my shoes, but other than the vomit, the band kept my attention on the poorly lit stage. Could use a little work on presentation at Someday…other than the puke I mean.

UPDATE! This just in from Rachel Taylor Brown:
....nooooooo, not our susan storm (large), but the invisible woman from the fantastic four (marvel comics)! well, not her, but her fictitious ugly sister. i also violate galactus (the world eater, also marvel and part of the fantastic four/silver surfer series), bruce wayne, and ambush bug/reduviidae (d.c. comics, the two latter). oh, yeah--and some saints. i'll get you a copy soon as i have one!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My KMHD Playlist from Last Saturday Night 1-17-09

Two premieres, a Best of the Bar and the final "Yes We Can" set:

10:-00 Wayne Horvitz/ Duke/ Monologue
10:02 Chick Correa/ Sometime Ago/ Return To Forever
10:09 Steve Bernstein/s Millennial Territory Orchestra/ Paducah/ We Are MTO
10:15 King Louie & Baby James/ 'Till the Next Thing Comes Along/ Around the World
10:21 Chicago Jazz Philharmonic/ West End Blues – Weatherbird/ Collective Creativity
10:25 Eartha Kitt/ Lilac Wine/ The Collection
10:34 Ben Darwish/ Drum Into – Ode To Consumerism/ same/ premiere
10:43 Marco Benevento/ Golden/ Me Not Me/ premiere
10:50 Sarah Vaughn/ Lover Man (Jazzelicious remix)/ Nu-Jazz Sensations/ request
10:55 Industrial Jazz Group/ Losing Proposition/ City of Angles

11:00 Gene Harris/ Listen Here/ Home Cookin'
11:07 Jessica Lurie Ensemble/ Shop of Wild Dreams/ same
11:13 Kenny Wheeler/ Little Fella/ Flutter By, Butterfly
11:20 Reptet/ Swanni/ Chicken or Beef?
11:26 Madeliene Peryroux/ (Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night/ Half the Perfect World
11:32 Allan Hawkshaw/ Blarney's Stoned/ Good Juice
11:34 Mark Ribot/ Marlene/ 17 Hippies Play Guitar
11:38 David Byrne & Brian Eno/ Help Me Somebody/ My Life In the Bush of Ghosts
11:42 Olympia Brass Band/ Muskrat Ramble/ New Orleans Jazz Preservation
11:47 Lloyd Glenn/ Old Time Shuffle/ After Hours
11:50 Dr. John/ When I Lay My Burden Down/ New Orleans Dis Dat or D'Udda
11:54 Robert Maxwell, His Harp and His Orestra/ Accidental Slip On an Oriental Rug/Cocktail Mix Vol. 1

The Bar

Best of The Bar Set
12:02 Tom Waits/ The Piano Has Been Drinking/ Small Change
12:06 Christine Kittrell/ Sittin Here Drinkin'/ Drinkin TNT & Smokin' Dynamite
12:10 Stix McGhee/ Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ Atomic Coctail
12:13 Champion Jack DuPree/ Shim Sham Shimmy/ Red Robin Presents
12:15 Dirty Red/ Mother Fuyer/ Urban Blues Vol. 2
12:18 Gone All-Stars/ 7-11/ Best of
12:20 Jimmy Liggins/ Drunk/ Drinkin TNT & Smokin' Dynamite
12:23 Dave Bartholomew/Who Drank My Beer When I was In the Rear?/ Atomic Cocktail
12:26 Jimmy Witherspoon/ When I Been Drinkin'/ Jazz Me
12:29 Champion Jack DuPree/ Drunk Again/ Red Robin Presents
12:32 The Party Boys/ We Got the Party/ More New Orleans Party Classics
12:39 BarKays/ Soul Finger/ Instrumental Classics
12:41 Billy Preston/ Outta-Space/ Instrumental Classics
12:45 George Clinton/ Da Mothership Connection/ Essential Funk
12:52 Andre Williams/ Herr Ya Dance/ Can You Deal With It?

1:01 Lee Dorsey/ Yes We Can/ same
1:04 Curtis Mayfield/ Mighty Mighty, Spade and Whitey/ Live
1:11 Staples Singers/ Long Walk to DC/ Soul Folk In Action
1:13 McFadden & Whitehead/ Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now/ McFadden & Whitehead
1:20 Stevie Wonder/ Signed Sealed Delivered (Obama version)
1:23 Curtis Mayfield/ Amen/ Anthology
1:26 Lee Dorsey/ Yes We Can Pt. 2/ Yes We Can
1:31 Anita Baker/ Soul Inspiriation/ Compositions
1:37 Al Green/ Love and Happiness/ Greatest Hits
1:42 Raphael Sadiq/ Staying In Love/ The Way I See It
1:45 Storm Large and the Balls/ I Want You to Want Me (Auditory Sculpture remix)/ Vasectomy
1:50 Dave Van Ronk/ Maple Leaf Rag/ Sunday Street
1:52 Mary Flower/ Columbia River Rag/ Bridges

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Helping Music Millennium, Neil Young Death Band, X Goes Country, Bye Liz

While listening to the the Staple Singers song Long Walk To DC, waiting for Tuesday morning when the President-elect finally becomes President Obama and how amazingly apropos it is this week. Listen:

Was a wonderful show at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday. OK, in the spirit of the day, I won't say anything bad about U2 or the others I didn't like. My favorite moment was when ole Pete Seeger with his ole banjo led the ole song, This Land Is Your Land. Some of you may not know that Pete was blacklisted during the McCarthy era (look it up). If seeing him up there singing didn't warm your heart, you should just stop reading this right now.

Did you see Bettye LaVette sing Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come? Quite a moment for her, I'm sure. I wish they would have had her sing it alone. Jon Bon Jovi junked up what could have been unforgettable. She was that good.

Made me think about when I had her on as a guest on my KMHD show last March, before her performance at the Schnitz. If you have the time, here it is:

Not happy news from Music Millennium. Bad fall and worse holiday season due to the snow as well as the economy. Some friends of Terry Currier and the store have organized a "Buy-In Day" for February 2.

Singer Lisa Mann posted this Facebook:
Heather, the Sound Goddess from Ash Street Saloon, passed along a message letting people know that Music Millennium is struggling to stay afloat in this tough economy. They already had to shut down the NW store, it would be a crime if they shut the store down over on East Burnside and 32nd Ave.

So, my friend Rich suggested a BUY-IN DAY at MM... I chose February 2nd, GROUNDHOG DAY to find as many people as possible willing to commit to spending $5 or more on that day (or the days before and after, that's ok)

Why GROUNDHOG DAY? Well, because I'm hoping, like the Bill Murray movie, that day will be repeated again and again by shoppers in the future and we'll keep our beloved music store alive!! MM has supported local musicians for so many years, I especially urge musician types to participate.

I was a "mentor" (that means judge) at a Portland Songwriters Association competition last week at Artichoke Music. They're in the process of moving from Mizz Pizz. My favorite was Marianne Flemming, who was heads above the others. She lives in the Couve and has three albums out. She describes herself:
Marianne Flemming performs hippie chick music, exasperated mom blues, whatever happend to our planet laments, and music that honors the spirits that have paved the way before…In short,an all-around gal-guitar slinger/singer who loves to wail, weep and transcend.

Not only is there a Neil Young tribute band, but even one who pays tribute to his songs about death. Really. On Friday, January 30, at Dantes there will be the, Neil Young Doom Trilogy Tribute. featuring the Minus 5,, Lewi Longmire Band and the Don of Division Street Band. They will "pay tribute to Neil Young's mid-70's, dark masterpieces of rock and roll. Time Fades Away, On the Beach, Tonight's the Night, collectively known to Young fans as the Doom or Ditch trilogy, were released in the wake of the deaths of two close friends and detail the madness and darkness of this time in his creative life."

Perfect time of year for it…dark, wet, depressing…probably a good idea to check your suicidal impulses at the door.

In case you're wondering what Neil is up to these days, here's a new music video of his song Fork in the Road. Among other things, he says:

"There's a bail-out coming but it's not for me
it's for all those creeps watching tickers on TV..."
"There's a bail-out coming but it's not for you
it's for all those creeps hiding what they do"

Neil Young - Fork In The Road

Don't wave buh-bye yet but former LivePDX.com and PDX Magazine editor Liz Hummer is moving to New York in the spring (maybe sooner if she can figure out what to do with her aged/beloved cat). She writes about it on her blog.

I had coffee today with an old acquaintance (I wish there was a warmer word for someone you know, have never really hung out with, but would like to be friends with). I met him probably over three years ago, back when Kristen and I first thought of PONY. He was always a fan of the idea, even marveled at the fact that I hadn't already ridden my PONY off to New York already (to paraphrase) when he first emailed me again several months ago. So seeing him today was fitting.

Why? Well, because five years after I first fell in love with the city, I'm finally doing it. Call me crazy, but in the bleakest economic climate in my lifetime (and my parents'), when the future of print publishing is in question, I'm moving to New York. I suppose getting laid off and being single for the longest period since college (which means more than a measly two months) will make you do slightly crazy things. If I don't do it now, with this complete freedom, I never will.

So what better time to start blogging again? Over the next three months, I'll be trying to build a bridge between PO and NY, living that PONY concept more empirically than ever. I have no idea what will happen, but that's the adventure. And in honor of the seeking, fearless spirit that I'm trying to nurture, let's take a look at some fellow Portlanders who are headed East:

The last time I saw Mel Kubick, she was helping Margaret Slovak pack to leave town, but you can see her in a more glamorous setting on Friday, January 23 when her Shanghai Woolies (hers and Gavin Bondy's) play Tony Starlight's. Tony is celebrating his second anniversary in what he was warned was a location that has never and would never work as a club. They were wrong.

The Woolies recently sold out Jimmy Mak's. About the last time the Woolies played at his place, Tony writes,

The place was packed. Twenties and thirties hot jazz filled the air. Mel Kubik sang like an angel. Gavin Bondy played trumpet and led an eight-piece band through tight arrangements of Ellington, Armstrong and the like. You wished it would last forever. You did not want to leave, but we kicked you out. Now you can come back and do it all over again.

Remember X? You may or may not know that John Doe, Exene Cervenka, guitarist Dave Alvin, bassist Jonny Ray Bartel, and drummer D.J. Bonebrake have a band called the Knitters, a rockablilly band. I'm not sure if I think that's clever or pathetic. Probably clever…and just at the perfectly wrong time. Find out for yourself on Wednesday, January 21 at Dante's.

Oracle, the brother/sister vocal guitar duo who has been working with Keith Schreiner, is at Someday the same night.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mid-Week Beat...Darwish, Klezmocracy to the Max, Vintage Reggie

While listening to the new Ben Darwish album, Ode To Consumerism, not out till next month but which I'm premiering on the radio this Saturday night……

I still have a lot to catch up with after not having been blogging for a couple of months but first….You might be interested in this story I wrote for the Oregonian in Wednesday's Living Section on the guys at Kung Fu Bakery. There's a backstory but I was told on background during the interviews and my fingers are sealed. I'll let you know when I can.

Too bad plans couldn't have been pulled together in time to stage the multi-arts outdoor celebration for Mayor Sam's inaugural. I heard some of them and it would have been fun. One idea that had been kicked around was to have bands ride in to Pioneer Courthouse Square on each of the Max Lines.

Reminds me of when I did a story on Klezmocracy and got to shoot them on a Max train. Funny thing was, it wasn't even in service. Tri-Met wouldn't let me shoot on an in-service train but they were testing out the new line to the Expo Center the week before it opened. When we got on the train, it was empty, but one stop later, there were about 50 Tri-Met employees taking a ride on the line. Made it seem like it was a normal run. Watch the fun.

Here's the story:

Speaking of Ben Darwish, he's been doing a last Sunday jam series at Someday Lounge, but he's also going to do it this Sunday too. He calls it "Progression," and says it is, "What every other jam session isn't. Original compositions, odd time signatures, free form improvisation, and no rules." The starter band is Ben on keys, Bill Marsh on guitar, Sam Howard on bass and the ever-popular TBA on drums. It's 8-11 and free.

Jim "The Doorman" Adair sent me an interesting vid that Reggie Houston sent him that somebody else sent Reggie. Jim wrote, "This was sent to Reggie from his horn tech in New Orleans. Part 6 (I think) has a pretty long solo of Reggie on Baritone. There's more than one (Fats) Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame musician here. Herb Hardesty is the older tenor player with glasses and Dave Bartholomew is the trumpeter with the "receding" hairline. "

I'm also premiering the new Marco Benevento album Saturday night, plus doing a special "Best of The Bar" at midnight.

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My KMHD Playlist From Last Saturday Night 1-10

I will also be posting my KMHD playlists here. Look for a new Music News post on Friday.

If you haven't heard my Saturday night radio show on KMHD here's what you missed last week.
Tune in 10pm-12M PT for jazz and then help me open The Bar at midnight and close it at 2am.

Playist for Saturday 1-10-09:


10:00 Wayne Horvitz/ Duke/ Monologue
10:01 Kermit Ruffins/ Palm Court Strut/ Big Easy
10:06 Shanghai Woolies/ Till My Baby Comes Home/ Jungle Nights
10:10 Stan Bock/ Sho' Nuff Did/ Night Grooves
10:16 Rahsaan Roland Kirk/ Slippery, Hippery, Flippery/ Rip, Rig and Panic
10:25 Paul Bley/ Vashkar/ Plays Carla Bley
10:31 Carla Bley/ Greasy Gravy/ Appearing Nightly
10:40 Irma Thomas/ If I Had Any Sense I'd Go Back Home/ Simply Grand
10:43 Keith Jarrett/ There Is a Road (God's River)/ Expectations
10:51 Joey DeFrancesco/ Blues Up and Down/ Joey D!

11:00 Cassandra Wilson/ Sleepin' Bee/ Loverly
11:05 Chicago Jazz Philharmonic/ An Afternoon with Mr. Bowie (Pts. 1 & 2)/ Collective Creativity
11:11 Drew Shoals/ The Greatest Haven't Been Born Yet/ same
11:17 Sun Ra/ Sometimes I'm Happy/ Nuclear War
11:25 Jacob Fred Jazz Odessey/ Tether Ball Triumph/ Lil' Tae Rides Again
11:29 Paola Prestini/ Nightsong/ Body Maps
11:35 Stephanie Schneiderman/ When You Touch Me/ Dangerous Fruit
11:40 Ethan Rose/ Scenes from When/ Oaks
11:44: Henri Rene and His Orchestra/ Hanzel and Pretzel/ Cocktail Mix Vol.1
11:47 The Bobs/ Hit the Road, Greg/ Get Your Monkey Off My Dog
11:51 Bonzo Dog Band/ Rhinocratic Oaths/ Best of
11:53 Dr. John/ I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You/ Going Back to New Orleans


12:03 Tom Waits/ The Piano Has Been Drinking/ Small Change
12:06 Little Sonny Jones/ I Got Booted/ The Spirit of New Orleans: The Genius of Dave Bartholomew
12:08 Louis Jordan/ What's the Use of Getting Sober, You're Going to Get Drunk Again/ Atomic Cocktail
12:11 Champion Jack DuPree/ Drunk Again/ Red Robin Presents
12:14 Blanche Williams/ You Ain't So Such-a-Much/ The Spirit of New Orleans
12:17 Andre Williams/ Bacon Fat/ Born Bad 1
12:20 Bull Moose Jackson/ 10 Inch Record/ Risque Rhythm
12:22 Sam Cooke/ Lost and Lookin'/ Night Beat
12:24 NW Piano Blues Pianorama/ Lil' Queenie/ unreleased
12:35 Isaac Hayes/ Blue's Crib/ Everything I Do's Gonna Be Funky
12:41 Mary J. Blige/ Beautiful remix Ft. Mos Def and Talip Kwell/ Soul Is Forever
12:43 Marvin Gaye/ Sexual Healing/ Number 1's
12:47 Stevie Wonder/ Too High/ Innervisions
12:51: O'Jays/ Love Train/ Best of Gamble & Huff
12:54 Al Green/ No One Like You/ Urban Express

1:02 Sly and the Family Stone/ In Time/ Fresh
1:08 Bobby Womack/ Across 110th St./ same
1:11 Queen Latifa/ Dance for Me/ Rap's Greatest Hits
11:15 Real McCoy/ Another Night/ same
11:19 Robert Strauss/ Night Rhythm/ Acid Jazz v 137
11:27 DeBarge/ Rhythm of the Night/ Greatest Hits
1:30 Spinners/ Then Came You/ New and Improved
1:33 O'Jays/ Backstabbers/ Gamble and Huff's Greatest Hits
1:36 Anthony Hamilton/ They Don't Know/ Southern Comfort
1:41 Raphael Sadiq/ Never Give You Up/ The Way I See It
1:45 Del-Fonics/ Didn't I Blow Your Mind this Time/ Greatest hits
1:48 Bettye Lavette/ I Still Want to be Your Baby (Take Me Like I Am)/ Scene of the Crime
1:53 Frank Zappa/ Valley Girl/ Best of

Monday, January 12, 2009

Running To Catch Up

While listening to Andre Williams' Bring Me Back My Car Unstripped….

Oh, and don't you dare miss the Andre Williams documentary Agile, Mobile, Hostile: A Year with Andre Williams on January 31…part of this year's NW Film Center's Reel Music festival.

OK, here's what happened to this blog. On November 2, I got an email from Liz Hummer, Editor of LivePDX.com, which said, "(I) wanted to let you know, hopefully from me first, that I was laid off from the site on Thursday. It was very sudden and I was escorted out of the building, so had no chance to tie up any loose ends. As a (now) ex-employee, I was not given any information about the future of the site."

And thus, no more music blogs from me or anybody else. Matter of fact, if you try to go to LivePDX.com now, you get re-directed to PDX TV's site. Some of my stories are still in there, but you have to dig.

Boo hoo for me, but a bigger boo hoo for Liz, who didn't deserve it. She'll do fine. She's too good not to. Hopefully we'll get to work together again. She made PDX Magazine when she was their editor, and where I first worked with her. She practically invented LivePDX single-handedly.

The caretaker at the site told me to write blogs for the rest of November, but after they didn't put that week's up, I put it up here..
They said that there were technical difficulties. I told them that when they figured things out, I'd submit another blog, but since the blogs had time value, I'd hold off.

End of blog. Till now. It's not like I'm starting from zero, but almost. Please pass this around to folks you think would enjoy it. I'm planning to try to attract a bit of advertising. The LivePDX music blog was the most popular on the site. When I asked Liz about readership she wrote, "(B)ased on how many people clicked on the "Browse by Author" links, you had 133 hits on your name out of a total 412 hits on all the names, music and events combined. You're popular!"

And now the news (catching up):

Thomas Lauderdale's holiday party was especially happy this year because it was one of the first nights anybody had been able to get out of the house since the Blizzard of Ought Eight. Ran into lots of people. The big hug from Storm was a highlight. Sadly, the all-star band with her, Keith Schreiner, James Beatonand Derek Sims, is not going to be an ongoing thing…maybe a one-off now and then. Sniff. Keith, by the way, is in California on tour with Stephanie Schneiderman.

Ever seen the story I did on her during her Dante's heyday? It's one of my favorites. Some great shooting and editing by Greg Bond. I have no shame. In case you never saw it:

Also ran into former PM manager John Brodie, who is still running Le Happy, the creperie. He's got a whole other career as a fine artist going on these days…a successful one.

As I was leaving, Thomas was outside with a group of people and introduced me to a man who he said was…what was it?...on Sesame Street? I must have looked at him funny cuz he repeated it like he hadn't gotten through to me the first time. I don't think it had. I don't think it has yet. The thickness of my skull amazes me.

Guitarist Margaret Slovak has settled into her new NYC existence. She wrote today, that she's, "(S)ubletting a tiny guest house is at the western tip on Coney Island (still in Brooklyn)! It is 3 blocks from a beautiful beach and a lighthouse. It has a tiny bedroom, a kitchen with an adjoining tiny living room, and an “office” with a built-in desk that is my music room. There is a nice spot near the kitchen with great light where I can paint. My landlord even left some furniture, lights, and an old upright piano. I never dreamed that I would move to New York and live at the beach!

"I am working on setting up my music business, getting students, gigs, and hospital gigs. I am also hoping to be able to start a program of playing for and teaching guitar lessons to veterans at the nearby VA Medical Center in Brooklyn. Although it is overwhelming to start over and move this far at 46 (almost 47), I am very hopeful for the New Year!

I finally got a review of my third CD, For the Moment, in the January issue of JazzTimes Magazine! I have been trying for ten years to get reviewed in this publication! "

Just before he left town for a few months of touring, David Ornette Cherry played an extraordinary gig at The Goodfoot. He had Carlton Jackson and Joe Janiga on drums/percussion. CJ was on traps and Joe on electronic perc. Joe's longtime collaborator Courtney Von Drehle played accordion, guitar and sax. I think Jusin Durrie was on bass. Yeah, course he was. (Hey look, the gig was in the first week of December and I didn't take notes. So shoot me.) Cherry is going to be recording this band and that's very exciting. They're extremely eclectic (as you might expect).

There's a lot more news but I'm gonna cut it here. Will post more soon…at least weekly, maybe more to catch up.

Nice to be back. Hope you missed me.

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