Friday, May 29, 2009

My KMHD Playlist from Last Saturday 5/23/09

10:00 Wayne Horvitz/ Duke/ Monologue
10:02 Chick Correa & Hiromi/ Windows/ Duet
10:09 Charles Mingus/ Canon/ Mingus Moves
10:13 David Friesen/ Sunset Blue/ Five & Three (World Premiere)
10:21 The Tiptons/ Laws of Motion/ same
10:27 David Friesen/ In My Heart/ Five & Three (World Premiere)
10:35 David Friesen Interview
10:54 Davie Friesen/ The Last Goodbye/ Five & Three (World Premiere)

11:07 Allen Toussaint/ Winin' Blues/ The Bright Mississippi
11:13 Kenny Wheeler/ Hotel le Hot/ The Widow in the Window
11:22 Nina Simone/ Plain Gold Ring/ In Concert
11:30 Dusty York/ the 3rd or 4th day of spring/ blood + ink
11:36 Vagabond Opera/ Tango Till You're Sore/ The Zeitgiest Beckons
11:41 Sun Ra/ Sometimes I'm Happy/ Nuclear War
11:46 Art Ensemble of Chicago/ Flash 1 / Naked
11:52 Challenger/ Be Bop a Lula/ Far Out: Swinging Bachelor Pad Music
11:54 Joy & the Spider/ You Are My Sunshine/ Upstairs at Larry's: Lawrence Welk Uncorked
11:59 Leon Redbone/ Play Gypsy Play/ Up a Lazy River


12:07 Tom Waits/ The Piano Has Been Drinking/ Small Change
12:10 Roy Brown/ Saturday Night/ Complete Imperial Recordings
12:12 Big Joe Turner/ Juke Joint Blues/ best of
12:19 Champion Jack DuPree/ Junker Blues/ single
12:21 Bull Moose Jackson/ I Knew Who Threw the Whiskey (In the Well)/ Big Fat Mamas are Back In Style
12:24 Nathaniel Mayer/ I Found Out/ I Just Want to Be Held
12:29 Hound Dog Taylor/ Make It Funky/ Beware of the Dog
12:34 Rufus Thomas/ Funky Robot/ Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky
12:38 James Brown/ Super Bad/ Soul 1972
12:42 Sharon Jones the Dap-Kings/ A Fish In My Dish/ Naturally
12:45 Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy/ B Funk/ Avant-Pop
12:49 Firesign Theater/ Polar Pro/ Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death
12:53 Dr. John/ Dis Dat or D'udda/ same
12:58 Lee Dorsey/ Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley/ Yes We Can

1:01 Chris Kenner/ I Like It Like That/ best of
1:02 Huey Smith & the Clowns/ Well I'll Be John Brown/ best of
1:04 Frankie Ford/ Alimony/ Ooo-Wee-Baby
1:07 Albert King/ We All Wanna Boogie/ New Orleans Heat
1:10 Toots & the Maytals/ Sweet & Dandy/ The Harder They Come
1:13 Johnny Guitar Watson/ A Real Mother For Ya/ same
1:18 The Counts/ Soulful Strut/ Jan Jan
1:20 Staples Singers/ Respect Yourself (live)/ Stax O Soul Sampler
1:25 Curtis Mayfield/ Mighty Mighty (Spade and Whitey)/ Live
1:33 O'Jays/ Back Stabbers/ The Sound of Philadelphia
1:35 Anthony Hamilton/ They Don't Know/ Southern Comfort
1:41 Excellent Gentlemen/ Get Down Baby/ Just Say Yes
1:43 Thievery Corporation/ The Numbers Game/ Radio Retaliation
1:47 Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes/ If You Don't Know Me by Now/ Gamble & Huff's Greatest Hits
1:53 Vagabond Opera/ Goodnight Moon/ The Zeitgeist Beckons

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

While listening to Tim Buckley's Blue Afternoon and remembering the sweaty passion involved when it came out.

Women who like men who sweat are a rare find…but worth the search.

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David Vest packed them in at Duff's last Friday for what turned out to be more blues and boogie-woogie than Sun Ra, but there was just enough to keep the patrons wanting more. I was sitting at the bar, awaiting my turn to read some of Ra's poetry with the
band when a lovely, long-haired woman told me how much she loved the Ra David played at the Paul deLay Scholarship Benefit and that she couldn't wait to hear more.

I didn't ask her if she liked sweat.

David gave them just enough to keep them wanting more. He had given me three to read but when it came time, he told me to read only parts. You don't argue with the band leader. You just do it. I ended up doing more than I thought I would as David directed me to keep reading. I took lines out of order and mixed them all up while David played his "space keys." On This World Is Not My Home the band repeated each line after I read it.

There's supposed to be a recording of it someplace. If you see it below, I got it. If you don't I'll get it. Meanwhile, here is the full text of the Ra poems, including the parts I did not read.

"This World Is Not My Home"
by Sun Ra

Is this a planet of life?
Then why do people die?
This is not life, this is death.
Can't you understand?

You're only dreaming.
You're not real here.
You're only dreaming
you did all the things
you did before you died

You're asleep.
Wake up before it's too late
and you die in a dream.

This world is not the real world.
It's all illusion. It's not real.
Can't you feel that this world is not real?
Someone cast a magic spell
on the people of planet Earth.

If you do right they put you in jail.
If you do wrong they put you in jail.
You can't win.
You got to do something else.
You got to get away from here.

You make death your master.
You're not free.
If you're free, why do you bow to death?
Is that what you mean by liberty?
Stop bowing down to your master called death.
If you're free, prove it.

Here's what it sounded like:

Cosmic Equation

Then another tomorrow
They never told me of
Came with the abruptness of a fiery dawn
And spoke of Cosmic Equations:
The equations of sight-similarity
The equations of sound-similarity
Subtle Living Equations
Clear only to those
Who wish to be attuned
To the vibrations of the Outer Cosmic Worlds.
Subtle living equations
of the outer-realms
Dear only to those
Who fervently wish the greater life

If I Told You

If I told you , “I am from outer space”,
You wouldn’t believe a word I said,
Would you? . . . Why should you?
You have lost your way . . . . . .
You should have nothing to say!
In some far off place
Many light years in space
I'll wait for you
Where human feet have never trod
Where human eyes have never seen
I'll build a world of abstract dreams
And wait for you

And yes, I introduced him as the Original Boogie-Woogie Starchild. Now what I want to seem is a full Ra set in somplace like Jimmy Mak's or the Goodfoot.

btw...He had me read this to the audience:

There will be things played on this piano tonight that no human being can play
You will hear sounds that could only have come from a different order of being
Some of you may actually experience being carried bodily into another dimension through the miracle of trans-molecurization
Some of it will seem strange, some of it may seem familiar -- and there is nothing stranger than the familiar.
You should be very cautious about looking directly into his eyes.

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It was a club up on Frenchman in New Orleans. I heard Washboard Chaz there for the first time. It closed not long ago and got a New Orleans funeral as a tribute.

Watch the Treme Brass Band:

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The great bass player's new album is called Five and Three...a quintet and a tro. He'll be at Jimmy Mak's with the quintet and Woodstock Wine and Deli this Friday and Saturday nights.
I'll have the radio interview I did with him on next week's blog.

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This just in from Artichoke Music. I'll let them tell the tale:

Yesterday we received a surprise in the mail from Judith Cook the founder of Artichoke Music. The package contained a large framed picture of the original Artichoke Logo and this photo of Judith in front of the original Artichoke Music store circa 1971.

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This gift couldn't have come at a better time. It serves as a reminder of how far we've come and how incredibly important this place really is.

From the beginning of our time here we have felt a huge sense of responsiblity to be good stewards of this place we call Artichoke Music. In recent months we have had serious doubts if we were going to be able to keep the doors open. The combination of record breaking snows at Christmas and the economic downturn nearly brought us to our knees.

We are not out of the woods yet but are feeling a bit more optimistic. We have taken steps to help insure the survival of Artichoke. Last month we moved all of the operations of the school and the concert space back into the store. The non profit, Artichoke Community Music, is now a foundation. You won't experience anything different as a result of these changes but we believe this will help the store survive and will give us an even better way to expand on the non-profit mission of "preserving and promoting the folk music tradition".

Speaking of the Artichoke family, Kate Power and Steve Einhorn are doing Tuesdays at Airplay Café...a Happy Hour and Singalong. They warm up the audience with a happy hour set 6:30 and then the Singalong starts at 7:30. The house band is provided by Kate & Steve and friends…harmonica to strings, Players are welcome to play along from their seats.
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Yeah, the bug is still with me so here's something I played to make myself feel better.

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I'm working on something big and I can't say what it is. Meanwhile, the rate of O assignments has gone up. Wish I could spend more time on this but………

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While you're waiting for the Rose Festival to end and Spring to begin,listen to Joni sing Mingus:

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They've found a weekly home at Dante's and they're calling it Sideshow Speakeasy and subtitling it Bizarre Cabaret Revue. They say they are presenting Vaudevillian Freaks from Beyond the Barricades of Normalcy.

To wit, this week (and in their own words):

This week's guest stars…..recently seen as Tweedledum and Tweedledee in The Wonderland Circus
Russell Bruner and Scott Maxwell

and, representing The Portland Freak Underground:

ballroom burlesquers

prima contortionista

clownhouse of ill repute;

hosted by

with our loyal house band

Come Early For our
8pm - 9pm
Show us your stuff - it's an audition, an open mic, and a free gig
rolled into one!
All Performers Are Encouraged To Apply!

and Stay Late for a Freakshow Dance Party
spun by

(Sick, Sissyboy, Delicious);

And that's just this Wednesday.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Return of the Blogger, Kleenex In Hand

Cough cough hack hack sniffle grump growl. Somebody tell my body I've had enough of the flu, already.

How bad? I had tickets to Third Angle last Friday. I was sitting with a friend during a rare few moments out of the house in the past couple of weeks. She said, "You can't go, you're sick." I said ok, and coughed.

Monday I met with Lynne Clendenin, head of OPB radio. She's having one-on-ones with all the KMHD DJs prior to the move from Mt. Hood Community College. After the meeting, I went downstairs to say hello to my friend Spud Berry who took one look at me and said, "You look like shit."

That's how bad.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Last week the Mt. Hood Community College board voted to take the deal. As of July 1, KMHD will be operated by OPB. Things got a little ugly toward the end, with a few disgruntled MHCC employees trying to fight the deal, and not doing a very good job, given that everyone knew their arguments were self-serving.

OPB is working out the details and hiring someone to run the station on a day-to-day basis. There is a newly built studio with a new-er board. It's still up in the air whether enough work will be done enough in the next seven weeks to actually begin broadcasting from OPB on July 1, but I wouldn't be surprised if I was sitting in the new studio on Saturday July 4. Unless they decide to not include me. Hey, it's broadcasting.

I know I speak for 90% of the DJs when I say that we all hope that Calvin Walker is included in the management of the station. There's no question that he was always on the side of common sense.

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Cough cough

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David Vest, who you have read about and heard on this blog will be at Duff's Garage on Friday, May 22 with the Willing Victims and the Mythocratic Transformation Horns
plus special guest Chris Miller on guitar (formerly with Marcia Ball & Irma Thomas)
and other surprise guests!

Yes, doing some Sun Ra!

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I got hired at KCET TV in Los Angeles not long after this tune came out. I may have been the first guy to use it as a show theme. Subsequently, it got overused. Over and over and overused. Now it's a cliché. Listen tho, with new ears, and re-discover why everybody liked it.

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The 2009 short film "Walter Ate a Peanut," conceived and directed by Robin Willis (that's Willis not Williams)—and with an original score by our own 3 Leg Torso—has been accepted into the Short Film Corner at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. It's also one of 10 finalists in two of the competitions within the festival: Amazon and The Film Board of Canada.

They tell me:
Based on a short story by Darrell Williams, "Walter Ate a Peanut" explores the complexity of relationships, the notion of truth, abuse, codependency and the strengths and liabilities of the family structure and generational resonances and patterns. It is, of course, a comedy.

Wanna see it?

The Legs will also be at Tony Starlight's (say what?) on Saturday, May 30. Everybody attending will get a free download of one song from their upcoming album. You boys.

Note to Courtney. How come I'm not playing it on the radio?

They'll also be playing with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony at its 35th Anniversary Concert at the Schnitz called It Came from Outer Space, featuring Gustav Holst's "The Planets" and a world premiere orchestral work composed and arranged by 3 Leg Torso artistic directors Courtney Von Drehle & Béla Balogh. 3 Leg Torso joins the MYS Symphony Orchestra for the premiere piece and other 3 Leg Torso symphonic arrangements.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Take one really bad movie: Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space, one we never wanted to see again.

Delete: The audio

Add: A live performance of the soundtrack music by the Classical Revolution PDX string quartet and Sugar Short Wave.

Also add: Dialogue dubbed in the orchestra pit by a cast of voice actors from Willamette Radio workshop with sound effects and foley by Heather Perkins.

And you've got:

FILMUSIK: Plan 9 From Outer Space
May 27th and 29th, 7pm
Hollywood Theatre

The result: I'm going.

Plus: On June 3 & 4 they'll be doing the same thing to Missle to the Moon

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cough, cough. Pass the codeine, please.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Next year I'll go to Jazzfest. Or die.

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He was nominated as a finalist in the 2009 TEXT Jazz Awards in the Events Producer of the Year category.

Winner announced in mid-June.

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Reporting on a story for the O on photog Brandy Kayzakian-Rowe as she shoots a recording session with Reggie Houston.

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Cough, cough. Sniffle. Blow. Fall asleep at the computer. So I will soothe myself with some Ralph Towner

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

My KMHD Playist from last Saturday Night 5-16-09

10:00 Wayne Horvitz/ Duke/ Monologue
10:02 McCoy Tyner Quartet/ Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit/ Live
10:10 Lisa Forkish/ Waiting/ Between You and Me
10:13 Art Ensemble of Chicago/ Tobago Tango/ Naked
10:25 Kenny Wheeler/ My New Hat/ It Takes Two!
10:33 David Ornette Cherry/ The Voice of Silence feat Don Cherry Pocket Trumpet sample from El Corazon/ Organic Journey
10:41 John Taylor/ Tramonto/ Rosslyn
10:48 Toque Libre/ Que Rico/ Toque Libre
10:51 M Hahadr/ Blue Morning Sunday/ Eclecticism
10:56 Allen Toussaint/ West End Blues/ The Bright Mississippi

11:04 Tim Wilcox/ Falling Down/ Sound Architecture
11:10 David Vest/ They Dwell On Other Planes & Love In Outer Space/ Live at the Paul deLay Scholarship benefit at the Aladdin unreleased
11:13 Burn Sugar The Archestra Chamber/ Love To Tical/ Making Love To the Dark Ages
11:19 Melvin Gibbs Elevated Entity/ Os Aguas-The Waters/ Ancients Speak
11:31 Janic Scroggins-Linda Hornbuckle/ Thirties Interlude/ Sista
11:40 George Russell/ Au Privave/ The Outer View
11:47 Harey Bauer & Orchestra/ Mr. Tambo & Mr. Bones/ Per-cus-sive Vaudeville
11:50 Montifiore Cocktail/ Tequila Bum Bum/ Far Out: Swinging Bachelor Pad Music
11:54 Rithma/ Champagne Time/ Upstairs at Larry's


12:06 Tom Waits/ The Piano Has Been Drinking/ Small Change
12:10 Roy Brown/ Saturday Night/ Complee Imperial Collection
12:12 Dirty Red/ Muther Fuyer/ Urban Blues Vol. 1
12:14 Nathaniel Mayer/ I Wanna Dance With You/ I Just Want To Be Held
12:18 H-Bomb Ferguson/ Rock H-Bomb Rock/ best of
12:19 NW Blues Pianorama/ Lil Queenie/ unreleased
12:16 Champion Jack DuPree/ Shim Sham Shimmy/ Red Robin Presents
12:28 Johnny Otis/ Shake It Lucy Baby/ Rock N Roll Revue
12:36 Firesign Theater/ Unconcious Village/ Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death
12:38 Curtis Mayfield/ Love Me (Right In the Pocket) Got To Find a Way
12:45 Greyboy All-Stars feat Sharon Jones/ Got To Be Love/ best of
12:48 Excellent Gentlemen/ Vote for Love/ Just Say Yes
12:52 James Brown/ Get Up I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine/ Essential Funk
12:55 MFSB/ TSOP/ best of Gamble and Huff

1:03 Firesign Theater/ Ralph Spoilsport's Going Out of Body Sale/ Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death
1:04 Pointer Sisters/ Betcha Got a Chick On the Side/ best of
1:11 Stevie Wonder/ Supersitition/ Talking Book
1:15 Tabu Ley Rochereau et M'Bilia Bel/ Loyenge/ Loyenge
1:23 Marvin Gaye/ Stubborn Kinda Fella/ Every Great Motown Hit
1:25 Albert King, Steve Cropper, Pops Staples/ Trashy Dog/ Jammed Together
1:28 Spinners/ Living Just a Little, Laughing Just a Little/ Live
1:34 OV Wright/ Gone For Good/ Gone For Good
1:37 Percy Mayfield/ Please Send Me Someone To Love/ Walking On a Tightrope
1:39 Luigi Tenco/ Quello Che Conta/ Cante Morricone
1:42 Ennio Morricone/ Love Theme/ Cinema Paradiso
1:46 Stephanie Schniederman/ Dangerous Fruit/ same
1:50 Anita Baker/ One To Blame/ Compositions
1:54 Sam Cooke/ Lost and Lookin'/ Night Beat
1:56 Ennio Morricone/ Maturity/ Cinema Paradiso

Friday, May 15, 2009

My KMHD Playlist from Last Saturday 5/9/09

My regular weekly blog post will resume next week.

10:00 Wayne Horvitz/ Duke/ Monologue
10:02 Mark Hanson / Brother Can You Spare a Dime/ Great American Songbook for Guitar
10:06 Cynthia Jones/ Slave To Love/ Cynthia Jones & the West Coast Nightlights
10:11 Miles Davis/ Mood/ E.S.P.
10:20 Allen Toussaint/ Beautiful Mississippi/ same
10:27 Randy Porter/ Thirsty Soul/ same
10:31 John Hassell/ Courtals/ Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes In the Street
10:37 Damien Erskine/ Mirage/ Trios
10:46 Gary Burton/ Vibrafinger/ Psychedelic Jazz & Soul
10:53 Wayne Horvitz Sweeter Than the Day/ Love Love Love/ Live at Goodfoot Lounge 1/31/09 unreleased

11:02 M. Nahadr/ I Don't Know Why/ Eclecticism
11:07 Leon Thomas/ Bag's Groove/ The Leon Thomas Album
11:10 Vagabond Opera/ Russian Jazz Waltz/ The Zeitgeist Beckons
11:16 Chicago Jazz Philharmonic/ Vice Versa/ Collective Creativity
11:27 Venissa Santi/ Tender Shepherd and Little Girl Blue/ Bienvenidos
11:31 Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber/ Thorazine & 81/ Making Love to the Dark Ages
11:40 Nina Simone/ Take Me to the River/ High Priestess of Soul
11:42 Art Tatum/ All God's Children Got Rhythm/ The Shout
11:47 Lorainne Bowen/ Julie Christie/ Far Out: Swinging Bachelor Pad Music
11:50 Camp Galore/ Bill Bailey/ Deco Disco
11:53 Esquivel/ Jesusita en Chihuahua/ Latin-Esque
11:56 Monkey Bars/ Baby Elephant Walk/ Upstairs at Larry's

12:07 Tom Waits/ The Piano has Been Drinking/ Small Change
12:10 Roy Brown/ Saturday Night/ Complete Imperial Recordings
12:12 Fascinators/ Fried Chicken & Macaroni/ Getting Silly
12:14 John Lee Hooker/ I Don't Want Your Money/ Blues For Big Town
12:18 Champion Jack DuPree/ Bad Blood DuPree/ Blues from the Gutter
12:22 Chris Kenner/ Don't Pin that Charge On Me/ best of
12:25 Cow Cow Davenport/ Cow Cow Boogie/ Roll Em Boogie Woogie
12:28 Speckled Red/ The Dirty Dozen No. 1/ Rude Dudes
12:31 Wynonie Harris/ Wasn't That Good/ Risque Rhythm
12:33 Big Jay McNeely/ All That Wine Is Gone/ Atomic Cocktail
12:36 Buster Brown/ Fannie Mae/ best of
12:36 Henry Gray/ Don't Start That Stuff/ same
12:52 Bonerama/ Hard Times/ single
12:59 Excellent Gentlemen/ Get Down Baby/ Just Say Yes

1:03 Ruffin & Kendricks/ It's a Family Affair/ Ruffin & Kendricks
1:07 Isley Brothers/ Who Loves You Better?/ Harvest for the World
1:13 New Orleans Social Club/ Lovin' You Is On My Mind/ Sing Me Back Home
1:18 Chi-Lites/ Have You Seen Her?/ For God's Sake
1:23 Del-Fonics/ La La Means I Love You/ best of
1:29 James Brown/ My Part—Make It Funky Pts 3&4/ Get On the Good Foot
1:34 Bar-Kays/ Soul Finger/ Instrumental Funk
1:36 Ike & Tina Turner/ Nutbush City Limits/ Non-Stop 70s Party
1:41 Quadraphonnes/ Glass Saxophone Quartet Mvt 1/ Music To Watch Girls By
1:47 Phillip Glass/ Forgetting/ Songs for Liquid Days
1:55 Rachel Taylor Brown/ Giovanni Bernadone (St. Francis)/ Susan Storm's Ugly Sister

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Flu Done Got Me

Be back next week---5/20

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

My KMHD Playlist from Last Saturday 5/2/09

10:00 Wayne Horvitz/ Duke/ Monologue
10:02 Red Holloway/ I Like It Funky/ Go Red Go
10:07 Venissa Smith/ Wish You Well/ Bienvenida
10:11 Ben Darwish/ Ode To Consumerism/ same
10:19 Allen Toussaint/ Egyptian Fantasy/ Bright Missisippi
10:28 Mike Doolin & David Martin/ 3 Up 3 Down/ Reflection
10:34 David Vest & the Willing Victims/ They Dwell on Other Planes—Love In Outer Space/ unreleased Live at Paul deLay Scholarship Benefit
10:38 Burnt Sugar/ Love To Tical/ Arkestra Chamber
10:44 M. Nahadr/ Pass It On/ Eclecticism
10:51 Quardraphonnes/ Tango Suite Mvt. II/ Music To Watch Girls By

11:02 Belinda Underwood/ Blue Gardenia/ Greenspace
11:06 Jessica Lurie Ensemble/ Anthem/ Street of Wild Dreams
11:12 Steven Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra/ Viper Song/ We Are MTO
11:20 Benny Carter/ Ruby/ 3,4,5 The Verve Small Group Sessions
11:28 Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy/ Blueberry Hill/ Avant-Pop
11:33 Andrew Oliver Kora Band/ Kaira/ Just 4 U
11:38 Phillip Glass & Foday Musa Suso/ Spring Waterfall/ Jali Kunda
11:45 On Ka'a Davis w/ Famous Original Djuke Musicians Playing/ Yea Yea/ Seeds of Djuke
11:52 Esquivel/ Mucha Muchacha/ Latin-Esque
11:54 Italian Secret Service/ Take On/ Far Out: Swinging Bachelor Pad Music


12:03 Tom Waits/ The Piano Has Been Drinking/ Small Change
12:06 Roy Brown/ Saturday Night/ Complete Imperial Recordings
12:09 Barrellhouse Annie/ If It Don't Fit Don't Force It (his key)/ Rude Dudes
12:11 The Five Royales/ Women About to Make Me Crazy/ Anthology
12:14 Champion Jack DuPree/ Drunk Again/ Red Robin Presents
12:17 Bob Dylan/ My Wife's Home Town/ Together Through Life
12:22 Paul Oscher/ Dirty Dealin Mama/ The Deep Blues of
12:27 Ruth Brown/ Hello Little Boy/ Step It Up and Go
12:29 Hunter & Jenkins/ Lollypop/ Rude Dudes
12:36 Soul Vaccination/ Will It Go Round In Circles/ Souled Out at Jimmy Mak's
12:40 Tower of Power/ What Is Hip?/ Tower of Power
12:45 George Soule/ Take a Ride/ Southern Soul Sound
12:48 Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings/ Pick It Up, Lay It In the Cut/ Dap Dippin'
12:52 Parliament/ Give Up the Funk/ (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)/ greatest hits
12:55 The Meters/ People Say/ Live at Jazzfest 2005

1:12 Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk/ Scrape/ Live at Jazzfest 2005
1:29 The Meters/ Cardova + medley/ Live at Jazzfest 2005
1:33 Neville Brothers/ Tell It Like It Is/ Live at Jazzfest 2005
1:37 Dr. John feat Mavis Staples/ When the Saints Go Marching In/ Nawlunz: Dis Dat or D'udda
1:45 Isley Brothers/ Harvest For the World (Pts 1&2)/ same
1:51 Vagabond Opera/ Goodnight Moon/ The Zeitgiest Beckons