Monday, April 13, 2009

My KMHD Playlist from Last Saturday Night 4/11/09

10:00 PM Wayne Horvitz/ Duke/ Monologue
10:02 PM Jarrett, DeJohnette, Peacock/ Shaw Nuff/ Yesterdays
10:05 PM Drew Shoals/ Friendly Fire/ The Greatest Haven't Been Born Yet
10:12 PM Phil Baker/ Tippin'/ After Hours
10:22 PM Pink Martini/ Cante e Dance/ Hey Eugene!
10:33 PM Joni Mitchell/ The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines/ Shadows and Light
10:38 PM Wayne Shorter/ Lilia/ Native Dancer
10:46 PM Weather Report/ In a Silent Way/ 8:30
10:49 PM Miles Davis/ In a Silent Way/ In a Silent Way

11:11 PM Andrew Oliver Kora Band/ The Funnell and the Vaccuum Cleaner/ Just 4 U 11:16 PM Salif Keita/ Madan/
11:21 PM Toque Libre/ Marinela/ ReverbNation/ unreleased
11:29 PM Oregon/ Catching Up/ 1000 Kilometers
11:37 PM Imogen Heap/ Hide and Seek
11:42 PM Vagabond Opera/ Tango Till You're Sore/ The Zeitgeist Bekons
11:50 PM David Carroll/ Hell's Bells/ Cocktail Mix Vol.1
11:53 PM Esquivel/ Spellbound/ Exploring New Sounds in Stereo
11:56 PM Smitty/ Blue Velvet/ Upstairs at Larry's

12:08 AM Tom Waits/ The Piano Has Been Drinking/ Small Change
12:10 AM Roy Brown/ Saturday Night/ Complete Imperial Recordings
12:12 AM Bull Moose Jackson/ Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me/ Big Fat Mamas are Back in Style
12:15 AM Wynonie Harris/ Shake that Thing/ Gabes Dirty Blues
12:18 AM Champion Jack DuPree/ Shim Sham Shimmy/ Red Robin Presents
12:20 AM The Toppers/ (I Love to Play the Piano) Let Me Bang Your Box/ Risque Rhythm
12:23 AM Freddy King/ Use What You Got/ Gabe's Dirty Blues
12:25 AM The Swallows/ It Ain't the Meat/ Risque Rhythm
12:28 AM Eddie Vinson/ Featherbed Mama/ Battle of the Blues
12:31 AM Bull Moose Jackson/ Big Fat Mamas are Back In Style Again/ same
12:34 AM Franie Ford/ Roberta/ best of
12:39 AM The Beginning of the End/ Funky Nassau Part 1/ Heavy Soul
12:43 AM Fabulous Counts/ Dirty Red/ Jan Jan
12:44 AM Tina Britt/ Sookie Sookie/ Blue All the Way
12:48 AM Betty Wright/ If You Think You Got Soul/ Hard To Stop
12:50 AM Brothers Johnson/ Get the Funk Out My Face/ best of
12:52 AM Andre Williams. The Dealer, ThePeeler and the Stealer/ Black Godfather

1:00 AM Liquid Soul/ Soul/ Evolution
1:03 AM James Brown/ Super Bad/ Soul 1970
1:07 AM Grandmaster Flash/ The Message/ same
1:13 AM Parliament/ P Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)/ Uncut Funk
1:19 AM People's Choice/ Do It Anyway You Wanna/ Best of Gamble and Huff
1:23 AM Gap Band/ Oops Up Side Your Head/ Essential Funk
1:26 AM Meters/ Keep On Marching/ Fundamentally Funky
1:29 AM Marvin Gaye/ Got to Give It Up (Pt. 1)/ Every Great Motown Hit
1:33 AM The Spinners/ Mighty Love/ Spinners Live
1:43 AM Phillip Glass/ Changing Opinion/ Songs from Liquid Days
1:53 AM Rachel Taylor Brown/ Giovanni Berardone (St. Francis)/ Susan Storm's Ugly Sister

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