Tuesday, March 24, 2009

KMHD UPDATE! Things looking promising for current programming!

A source who has been in consultation with decision-makers at OPB, responsible for the decision to take over the operations of KMHD told me a few minutes ago that although OPB doesn't know exactly what they want to do with the station, KMHD will remain a jazz and blues station with much of the current programming intact.

This is not set in stone, but it is a much more optimistic reading of the situation than the one presented to me by a source at KMHD this morning.

It just makes sense. The KMHD audience is around 125,000 at the moment, a 10,000 listener increase in 2008. And it has a loyal group of members.

To be honest, many KMHD DJ's, me included, welcome a jolt of professionalism and competence in the KMHD front office. Former GM Doug Sweet made great strides in expanding the sound of the station, bringing in DJ Santo, Mississippi West, Lynn Darroch, Stephen Cantor and me. He's been gone since last summer and in his place there have been no radio pros running things.

I will expand on the sad, mad conditions of what's been the state of KMHD, but let me say one thing. Development director Calvin Walker has been the lone voice of common sense and sanity for quite a while now.

Wouldn't it be ironic if I went back to OPB to do my Saturday night show?

ADD AT 8:33pm

It is also the understanding of my source that the music library, including shelving, also including the untold number (hundreds? thousands?) of albums which never made it out of the "Music Director's" office (more on that later) will go to OPB.

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