Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Fourth on March Fourth

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See this picture? That's what it really felt like to be at the Bossanova Ballroom Wednesday night for the last of four shows the band staged to celebrate March Fourth's 6th birthday. I would usually say anniversary but they called it birthday.

It was impossibly crowded, full of impossibly dressed people making more noise and having more fun than you would think possible.

Chervona, the Russian wild-men opened the show.

They were followed by the Lloyd Family Players (I called them something else in the original post due to some false information provided in the middle of that crowd...and who sounded like a mini-Lions of Batucada.
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Ok, look. It was also impossible to get good photographs. If I had wanted to fight through the crowd and make an asshole of myself, I would have. If I were getting paid, for instance.
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March Fourth has become much more than a group of pretty good musicians having a lot of fun. Their tunes and arrangements have gotten more complex without losing the irrisistable edge they've always had.

We love the stilt-walkers, we love the acrobats, we love the fire dancers, we just love the March Fourth Marching Band. Don't you?

Yes, of course the incomparable Noah Mickens was there,
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looking smashing and handing out post card ads for CREEPSHOW...a funhouse fetish freakout...from the dirtiest back lot of The Big Top Revolution... at the Bossanova on Saturday, March 21.


  1. Tom,

    Unless I'm mistaken, the "mini-Lions of the Batucada" band (pictured) was actually The Loyd Family Players from Oakland, CA and not the What Cheer? Brigade from Providence, RI.

    But I agree with your assessment of M4. I've seen them a lot, but not in the last many months, and their numbers have indeed gotten more sophisticated without losing their exuberance.

  2. Indeed, The Loyd Family Players. Those guys were amazing.

    You know who else was amazing? Kazum, Nanda, Nico Bella, guest stilt dancer E-Ros, that new jazz dancer chick they've got choreographing some of the dance numbers, Oberon the gorgeous hunk of man who has just joined the chorus, Dave Clay, and all the rest of the variety acts. Not to mention the always-stellar team of stilters and dancers like Scarlett, J'miah, Sid, etc. What a crew.

    The band was pretty good too.

  3. But Noah, I asked you who they were and you told me they were What Cheer? Oh well, it was crowded and loud.


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